Exploding Balloon

Filled with 50 x 5" Balloons & confetti. Explode with our Special Magic Wand after the 1st Dance or close the evening with a BANG!


Heart Foil 4's

A Heart Foil, coloured latex, Ivory latex & Just Married see through balloon. A taller more elegant table arrangement adding atmosphere!


Heart Foil 3's

Combination of Heart Foil Balloon, Just Married transparent & your chosen theme colour latex balloon.


Heart Double Bubble 3's

Beautiful combination of Heart Foil, Theme colour latex balloon inside a transparent Just Married Balloon & Ivory latex balloon.


Balloon Arch

20 ft Balloon Arch


Entrance 7's

Help guide the way to your Wedding Breakfast with the Entrance 7's in your theme colours

14.99 each

BQ of 3

Combination of your chosen colour latex balloons with a single Ivory Latex balloon.


Double Bubble 3's

Combination of your chosen colour latex balloon inside a Just Married printed latex balloon.


Special Entrance 7's

Choose either Foil Hearts or Double Bubbles as and alternative to make the Entrance Extra Special!


Spiral Balloon Arrangements

Table or floor mounted Spiral 7's can create a beautiful flowing celebratory atmosphere to any room.

from £25

BQ of 5

Table or floor arranged with your chosen colours.


Champagne Bottle & Fizz

A High Quality 6ft inflatable Champagne bottle with floating spray bubbles will add a unique celebratory feel to any Venue.


Foil 7's

7 x Foil Balloons either shaped as Stars or Balloons dressed with matching metallic ribbon & heart or star weights.


Gold Locked Heart Weights

Extra Special Gold or Silver heart weights with matching Gold/Silver ribbon!

£1.50 each

Special Offers

These are carefully put together to try and save you money! As with other Product Packages just add any extra individual items you require to your package price. You will still save money of buying individual items!


Balloons if done properly can create a wonderful celebratory feel to any room. The taller the arrangment the more elegant the balloons appear. You can also exagerate this with longer ribbon tails that trail & flow beneath the arrangements. Pastel & Pearlescent colours are also more subtle than using the main bright colours if you're looking for that celebratory feel with a touch of elegance.


The Wedding Balloon Gallery links you to more beautiful wedding balloon ideas!