Bride's Hand Tie Bouquet

The Handtie style bouquet is usually smaller & lighter to carry but can be made to any size! 


Bride's Shower Bouquet

A teardrop style bouquet usually fuller, longer! 


from £70.00

Bridesmaids Handtie

Usually a smaller but similar style to the Bride's handtie. Available is in different sizes depending on age of Bridesmaid


Button Holes

Usually for the men with the Groom having a double flower with foliage & Single flowers for the Grooms men! Image shown is finished with Diamanté! 



Usually for the Ladies being more decorative with foliage & added ribbon, beading or diamanté! Single or Double flowers 


Bridesmaids Wristlets


Flower Centre Pieces

Available from £15 to £50 Tall Pomander Assorted pink flower style shown


Church Flowers

Altar Flowers, Pedestals, Garlands & much more available! Pew Flowers shown.


Handbag Sprays

from £19.99


Bridal Flowers Styles

On this page we try to describe some of the flower choices & styles you may want to think about before you decide on a consultation. Whether to have a Shower or Handtie for your Bridal Flowers and whether to have double button holes or Corsages! I can help you make good decisions based on your needs and your Budget. Consultations are totally free and there is no obligation to book on the day. Just come along and get some expert advice and a quote.  

If you need more insperation or ideas please go to the Bridal Flower Gallery where you will see many Flower Centre Price designs starting from as little as £10 depending on your budget!

Special Occasions

I cater for any special occasion no matter how small so remember your Anniversaries as I can put together Beautiful arrangements that can include flowers from your Wedding Handtie or Shower. 

Sympathy Flowers are also our speciality with plenty of books and information available to you. These will be featured in our NEW WEBSITE "Clare's Events.Com coming soon. 

"Silk Flowers Keepsake"

If you would like to keep your flowers as a Momento then we also provide a copy of your Fresh Flower BQ in an identicle copy Silk Bridal Bouquet. This is priced similarly to your Fresh Bq and provided the Silk Flowers are available will be as close to your Wedding Bouquet as possible. If you are thinking of taking your wedding vows abroad then you may want to consider Silk Wedding Flowers as your first choice. Having improved vastly in the last few years and being so similar to the real thing only you and your future partner will ever know the difference. Occasional language difficulties can be frustrating to you when trying to arrange your Wedding Flowers abroad and also be aware that there is never the choice of flowers that we are spoilt with back in the UK.

These are prices exactly the same as the fresh flower prices as we only use the highest quality.