Venue Decor

Star Light Backdrop

Extending up to 6 meters bringing your Venue room & Top Table to life especially at night! Fire retardent and supplied with full safety certification these top of the range £2000 + purpose built backdrops are designed for safety & peace of mind! Be careful of Handmade DIY versions which will not come with the appropriate safety certifications!

Top/Cake Table Swagging 

Many colours available in Organza & Tafetta/Satin finishes so we can match your colour them throughout! Be weary of your swagging being done in non matching shades and even different material. 

Venue Dressing Packages

These packages have been put together to save you money! If you need extra Runners then just add the individually priced item to your chosen package!

Venue Dressing Gallery

The Venue Gallery links you to more beautiful Accessories & Wedding ideas!