Terms and Conditions

Hair Make-up & Nails

Booking your Hair & Make-up for your Wedding Date!

Before your Wedding date is secured in our Diary a booking form must be completed & returned with your full Wedding Balance. On receiving this we will confirm your booking and send you a receipt for your records. Your date is then guaranteed for your Wedding Day. It is advisable to have a trial before hand with Bridesmaids & Mums if possible to establish the exact style and look you are after for your day. Also it is crucial in determining how much time is required on the Wedding Day! For a trial again please fill in the booking form with a 50% deposit for each in your Wedding party and this will secure your trial date. This can be paid by Cash, by Cheque or by BACS bank transfer bank details on request. The remaining balance can be paid as a Cheque in the post or by BACS bank transfer on the day of the Trial. Try to return your Wedding Day Booking form within one week of your trial to avoid losing the date. We will only hold your Wedding Date for one week before it must go out as available to other Bride enquiries! The above booking procedure applies to Hair, Make-up & Nails only. Once we have received your deposit and booking form we will contact you to arrange suitable trial dates for you and your Bridesmaids. Trials for yourself and the Bridesmaids are all done on the same day so there is some skill in bringing everyone together for this particular date. Separate appointments if requested will be attempted but are not always possible. This also incurs extra costs due to the consultants travelling out to you twice!

Booking your Hair & Make-up Trial

To book a trial you need to print off and fill out a Hair & Make-up booking form and send this back to us with a deposit of 50% of your quoted price. Address is Clare's weddings, 811 Bristol road south, Northfield, Birmingham B31 2NQ .Cheques are made payable to “Clare’s Bespoke Wedding Services” Bank transfers are also available. Details on request.

What happens on the trial?

Depending on the size of your wedding party there could be as many as two Hairdressers & two Beauticians with you. The most senior stylist will help the trials along in an orderly manor with you the Bride being done first and then the Bridesmaids. Some Bridesmaids will have their Make-up done first while the Hairdressers are busy with another person. Timings will be estimated to work out how much time is required on the Wedding Day. These timing will be discussed with you at the end of the Trial and you will be asked by the Consultant if you want to book or take time to come back to us. We will hold your Wedding Date for one week only before it is made available to other Bride enquiries.

Booking your Wedding Date

At the end of the trial you will be asked if you want to book your Wedding Day and the relevant Consultant will fill in the Booking Form with you and ask you for the full Wedding Balance for each person within the Wedding Party. Your Wedding Date is then booked immediately into the diary!


A 50% deposit is paid on each individual person booked within the Wedding party for both Hair & Make-up Trials only. Wedding Day balances are payable in full. E.g. A Bride with 2 x Bridesmaids and 1 x Mum for A Make-up trial would be Bride + 3 and an example of working out the Price would be £23 + £17.00 + £17.00 + £17.00 totalling £74.00 The deposit at 50% will be £11.50 + £8.50 + £8.50 + £8.50 total Deposit £37.00. This deposit is non refundable against cancellations and covers some of the costs to the Hairdresser/Makeup artist for their lost time and lost customers who will have been turned away due to our consultant being fully booked.

Outstanding Balance

The remaining balance for your trial is paid on the day of the trial to the Beautician/Hair Stylist in the form of a cheque or cash! The outstanding full balance for your Wedding Day is required with your booking form before your Wedding date is confirmed in our diary. We will send you a receipt once we receive your payment.


Payment can be made either by Direct Bank Transfer, Cheque or Cash.. Cheques should be made payable to “Clare’s Bespoke Wedding Services” Bank details for bank transfer are available on request.

Beauty Travel Costs

Due to the rising costs of fuel we do apply a moderate 20p per mile fuel charge covering the round trip of the Beautician/Hair Stylist. This will form part of your total cost and will be in your quote.

Wedding season busy periods

During Wedding Season I see Brides many months in advance and on occasions they have left their written bookings to the last minute and have been bitterly disappointed when the date is already booked. July & August are my busiest months so don’t delay! Some attempts will be made to chase deposits but a first come first serve basis has to apply!


Which is done first Hair or Make-up?

Normally we would ask that Hair is performed first and then the Make-up but if we have a Hairstylist and Beautician with you at the same time they will work between your Bridesmaids together so some Bridesmaids will have their Make-up done first!

How much time is required?

Following a trial the Hairdresser and Make-up artist will already have established what they are going to be doing on the day. So on your wedding day they can get straight on with the job. The time required for your Wedding Day will be discussed following the trial and allocated into the diary. We usually ask for -60 minutes for the Bride for Hair and 30 mins for Bridesmaids and Mums. These times can dramatically change depending on what is being done on the day. Make-up usually has about 30 mins per person on the day again depending on what is being done. The time required to look after the Bride and Bridesmaids will be worked out on your Trial day and booked accordingly adding in some spare time for safe measure!

Can we have trials on our Bridesmaids done separately?

Trials are always done on the same day unless there are extenuating circumstances where this is not possible. A separate charge may be applicable to cover this if agreed.

Assuring everything runs smoothly on your Wedding Day!

This is one of the most important days for you and your partner and we have been trusted to handle this day properly and to ensure it runs as smoothly as possible. We always plan extra time into every area of your booking to cater for traffic, break downs or any other eventuality. In cases of extreme circumstances we always have a back up Beautician or Hair Stylist who can step in at the last moment should this occasion ever arise. In 6 years of work this touch wood has never happened!

Customer Cancellations.

Deposits are not returnable and can not be used against the outstanding balance. This is because the Beautician/Make-up artist will have booked and allocated that individuals time in her diary and will have blocked out that time to your Wedding. Other customers are hence turned away when that particular Beautician/Hair Stylist is unable to fit them into those particular dates.

In the unlikely event that a Consultant is unavailable for your Wedding day!

If in the unlikely event a consultant is unavailable for your agreed date we have the right to offer another Consultant in replacement. From your initial consultation a record of what style of Wedding Hair and Make-up you have agreed upon. In the unlikely event of the above happening the replacement Consultant will be given.


Saturday consultation booking times

Weddings on Saturdays which we will always be looking after in the morning can run over slightly & this can directly affect your appointment time being pushed back & is often unavoidable! This is very infrequent & is usually less than an hour & can be for a number of unforeseen circumstances & most out of our control! The actual wedding we are working on takes full priority as would be expected & often we will not be available for contact at these times! You can however leave amessage or contact our shop direct where the staff will be able to help you! 

All other products 

To book your Wedding day for any of our other products a minimum deposit of 30% is required for your total order. This then secures your date! The remaining balance is required to be paid in full no less than 6 weeks before your Wedding Date. Our mobile service is available on request and is available for first appointments only. Deposits are non refundable! We accept cash, or bank transfers details on request! All our Wedding Flower prices are approximate using flowers readily available according to season and subject to change at any time. Swagging is in 20ft lengths and on very long top tables will only be able to dress the front of the Top Table leaving the sides exposed. Cancellations are repayable upto 50% of the total order paid. This covers the time spent in preparing estimates, quotes, consultations and any other time invested while supporting the preperation of a Wedding or event! It also goes some way to covering the loss of revenue from bookings from other customers who will have been turned away due to the date having been booked by you the customer. Alternatively you can be provided with a signed cirtificate authorising you the customer to purchase any products in the future upto the amount paid to "Claresweddings.com" prior to Cancellation! This certificate has a 12 mth expiry date and can be used to purchase General Flowers, Funeral Flowers, Balloons, Wedding Cakes, Chair Covers & any other product we supplly at "claresweddings.com"


These are rented out with the use of candles is totally at the risk of the customer. The floating candles can often move in the water and the flame if in contact with the glass of the bowl can crack and break leaking water. This will be explained to the customer that Claresweddings.com will hold no responsibility for this happening and that all breakages must be paid for!

This is supplied in 20ft lengths and is more often enough long enough to dress the Top Table front and both facing sides. On occasions when the top table is longer than usual the material will not stretch enough to dress the sides and will be left plain with the front only being Swagged.

Delivery & Set up charges

Our delivery & set up charges will be discussed with you during your consultation and included in your quotation but in general all delivery & set up charges are dependant on the quantity order and the amount of miles to your your designated delivery address. In general there is a £25 delivery charge within our local area of 5 miles for Bridal Flowers, Balloons & Wedding Cakes. Additional delivery addresses are charged at £25 each. Every mile over the 5 mile local area radius is charged at £0.50p per minute unless otherwise agreed on your consultation. Example Delivery of Flowers to a venue has a total return journey of 50 miles. 10 miles are charged at £25 this covers 5 miles there and 5 miles back local area and then 40 x extra miles charged at £0.50p per mile £20. Total is £45. This is dependant on a minimum order of £100. Extra Collections. If we have to arrange a further collections of hired products then this will be charged at £25 per collection attempt and will be taken from your deposit! 

Parking Charges

Any parking charges occured while attempting to deliver or set up your Wedding Order will be the responsibility of the customer unless discussed prior to your Wedding Date and will be taken from your deposit. Receipts for these parking charges will be provided on request!

Wedding Cakes

All Wedding Cakes are delivered to your required address! Set up is chargeable and will have been discussed with you during taking your order. If we are delivering and setting up your cake we will always take a photo proving your Cake was set up in good condition prior to leaving. We can not be responsible for any damage to your cake following on from our personal delivery and set up. If you have hired a cake stand from us then this is returnable next day or on the next working day. Late return of the stand will be charged at £2.50 per day until its return.

Swagging & Table Runners

Swagging & table runners if used alongside candle products can run the risk of heat/wax damage and the additional costs associated with cleaning or replacement. Burns in the material due to the dripping of the hot wax usually leaves multiple holes especially in material that is folded over itself. These items will then be unusable for the next wedding and will require replacement at a cost of £4.99 per table runner, £20 per top table swagging & £15 per cake swagging material. If The Top Table Swagging material is damaged and a suitable colour can not be sauced to match the cake table swagging in the same colour then the replacement cost of the Cake Table Swagging will be added to the replacement costs due to the need to buy both in the new closer shade possible to the orginal. Original Swagging and Table Swagging will always supplied when requested but the Customer/Venue must be made aware of the possible associated replacement costs.


Your event balloons will always be delivered and set up as requested and left in good condition before leaving the premises. We can not be responsible for balloons bursting during the time after us leaving and the actual wedding celebrations. This can unfortunately be due to many circumstances outside of our control. We can not be responsible for the Burst Balloons that are set up on the day by us but are being stored for use for an evening event. Balloons being moved and stored can be liable to bursting at any time and we can not be held responsible.

Champagne Bottle

If purchased as part of a balloon package the Champagne bottle will require a holding deposit of £50 which is refundable to you on return of the bottle to us in the condition that it was hired in. This covers none return of the bottle and any possible damage. It also allows us to purchase another bottle ready for the next wedding. In the event that the bottle is returned later than agreed and another Champagne bottle has had to be purchased then you will be charged a daily hire rate of £2.50 per day to a maximum of £50. The Champagne bottle should be returned on the first working day of the week following your event date. This allows us time to prepare for the next weekends weddings. By prior agreement with Claresweddings.com an arrangement can be made to collect the champagne bottle mimimum charge for this is £25 and will depend on mileage to and from your venue.

Magic Wand

Unless stated the Magic Wand which is used to manually burst the Exploding balloon must be returned or made available for collection by Claresweddings.com next day following your event or on the nest working day following your event. If you wish to keep the wand or it is lost, thrown out or just can't be found then a small charge of £5.00 will be collected from your deposit to cover the time and materials to produce another. This applies unless otherwise discussed at your consultation.

Silver & Gold Heart Weights

These are provided with your balloon package on a free of charge basis as long as we are able to collect them next day or on the next working days following your event. The alternative to this is to use plastic ring weights which are included in the cost of your balloons & are not required for collection next day. If you decide you would like to give out the balloons to children and guests or guests just take them home as mememtos then once again this is totally fine and we will only charge you for the replacement costs of the weights at £1.50 each. This can be taken from your security deposit.

Topiary Trees, Wishing Wells & Wishing Trees

These should be returned in the state they where hired and on the next working day following your event unless agreed in writing by claresweddings.com. If they are not not returned next working day following your event then a charge of £2.50 per day will charged until their return.

Wishing Well

The wishing well needs to be emptied of all your belongings on the night of your event and must not be removed from the Venue Event room and taken anywhere esle including bedrooms. This is becuase it needs to be collected early the next day to go to be hired for another weddings. In the event that the Wishing Well is unable to be collected then a charge of £50 will be applied to cover the loss of hiring the wishing well out the next day following your event and to cover travel costs and earning lost while making a 2nd attempt to collect the item. 

Table Cloths & Table Linen

These items will be collected next working day or on the agreed date! They must be emptied of all confetti and food items before collection as they are taken straight to our laundry service for immediate cleaning. Very occasionally table cloths can be used to wrap the unwanted rubbish and left over food items from the table. If this is found to be the case we are charged by our Laundry service for this extra clear up. This charge of £5 per cloth will be passed onto the lead contact or taken from your security deposit. 

Chair Covers

  1. If any details on your Booking Form, Confirmation of Order or Final invoice are incorrect then please inform Clare’s Weddings .com It is the lead contacts responsibility to update the booking. Any bookings that are not carried out due to incorrect information on the above forms will require full payment. If at the time of set up we discover that the chairs are not the ones described on the booking form or by a delegated member of staff at your venue then this may result in your ordered covers not fitting. In this instance we will communicate with th lead contact and try to establish if we are able to fit the appropriate fitting chair covers if available. This may incurr exta costs for extra journeys back to our shop to fetch the appropriate chair covers if available. In this instance that the appropriate chair covers are not available then we are afraid refunds are not possible and any outstanding payments are still due. To avoid this situation, please pay particular attention to our chair description section on our booking form. Sample chair covers are available for you to hire and take out to your venue to try on or if you prefer we are happy to co-ordinate or visit your venue or chair providers at a cost to establish chair types on your behalf but please be aware that it is the responsibility of the lead contact to make the representatives aware of our terms and conditions of hire. The lead contact will be asked to sign a declaration on the Booking form to confirm that the chair measurements and chair type named on the Booking Form are the confirmed type, and therefore this is the chair type that Clare’s weddings.com will fit covers to.
  2. Final numbers of chair covers required should be made clear to Claresweddings.com 2 x weeks before the event. We will allow for slight adjustments to your original estimate as we understand that it is difficult to predict exact guest numbers before this time, we are generally able to accommodate increases on original estimates. We cannot guarantee that sudden increases in numbers at the last minute can always be accommodated. We require at least 14 x days notice of a reducution in original ordner numbers and if we are given less than 14 x days notice then the orginal booking number will be charged for even if they are not used at the event! The final invoice is always calculated to the final number of covers required and to bookings where our minimum number policy has been applied the final invoice will include an additional charge. See item 10.
  3. Please note that cancellation by the customer with less than 3 months till the booked date will require full payment. Cancellation outside of this time by customers does not require additional payment, but all deposits from the time of booking are unfortunately non-refundable.
  4. A 50 % deposit is required to secure all bookings. A booking can be provisionally made for a date at the discretion of Claresweddings.com but cannot be guaranteed until a deposit is received.
  5. The final number of items fitted at your venue is the number that we expect to collect after your event. On collection we will count all Claresweddings.com items and if any items are missing then we will ask your venue to confirm the count and the lead contact will be issued with an invoice to replace missing items at costs of £6 per chair cover and £3 per sash. Collections are carried out as quickly as is reasonably possible following the weekends events and occasionally it is not possible to count chair covers and sashes due to the Hotel or Venue not having enough room or being too busy. In this instance they will be counted back on site and any missing items will be communicated to the venue and Lead Contact. The lead contact is responsible for the safekeeping of our Chair covers and sashes before, during, and after use. Claresweddings.com or supplier will collect the covers and sashes after the event from the event location or from a location that has been confirmed and agreed by Claresweddings.com. Removing of the chair covers from the chairs is not covered in the Total Price quoted to you and if we need to remove the chair covers ourselves following your event a charge of £50 will be applied and collected from your deposit! It is usual for the Venue to remove the chair covers following your event but please check with them that this is the case! Any items that are lost or damaged whilst the customer is responsible will still require full payment by the lead contact. Claresweddings.com guarantee that they will make every effort to fit in with the setup and collection arrangements of venues and other suppliers such as marquee/chair providers, and aim to deliver, dress and collect chair covers at a time most convenient to other service providers.
  6. All outstanding payments are due 6 weeks prior to your event and without this payment, Claresweddings.com staff cannot send out items, or set out to dress an event. It is the lead contacts responsibility to ensure that all payments have been sent and been received by Claresweddings.com.
  7. Standard laundering of hired items is included in all of our prices, which include stains from food, and drinks and light scuff marks from shoes. Claresweddings.com considers these stains as part of an event. Claresweddings.com will therefore not invoice additional charges to the lead contact after the event. However, if upon inspection after your event we find that irreversible or damage through mistreatment has been caused to hired items for example rips, footprints on the seats, evidence of guests drawing on the covers, cigarette burns, candle wax and excessive food and drink stains etc then this will result in Claresweddings.com issuing the lead contact an invoice to replace the damaged stock at costs of £9 per chair cover and £3 per sash.
  8. It is the lead contacts responsibility to ensure that the hired items are fully covered by either their own insurance or the venues insurance with regard to public liability risks and indemnify Claresweddings.com in respect to any claims made by any Person for the death or personal injury caused by or in conjunction with the use of our chair covers and sashes.
  9. At all times during your event the hired items remain the property of Claresweddings.com.
  10. Minimum number policy – There is a minimum order Policy of 40 x Chair Covers. We will covers less but will charge the price for 40 to cover the cost of our free delivery and collection policy. Minimum order policy does not apply if Chair Covers are ordered with other products from us!
  11. Payment of your deposit and signature on your booking form, is deemed as you having read, understood and accepted these terms and conditions. Please do not hesitate to ask if you would like clarification on any of the above items.
  12. We cover many parts of the country and have provided Chair Covers to many venues. If we have provided to your venue before then we will hold the details of what chair type and size they use. We will then only confirm that we hold the correct information on their chair type by phone contact with the Wedding Co-ordinator at your venue. For new venues we can visit your venue and establish what chair type is used while we are in the vicinity of your venue. This is done free of charge. If however this is not possible it is the responsibility of the lead contact to make sure we have the correct details on the correct type of chair to be covered. Your Venue Wedding Co-ordinator should be able to provide this information to you. We can not be held responsible for a Venue having recently changed its chair type. If you are worried that the chair type at your venue may have been changed then you can request a re-visit which is chargeable to you!